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Equilibre, specialists in hair loss

Hair is complex. Behind each hair disorder, there may be a number of contributing factors.
For this reason Equilibre has developed around several paths to take into account all the elements that contribute to the loss of hair and its regrowth. For more than 30 years, Equilibre has specialized in hair loss and treatments promoting regrowth but also in the health and beauty of hair.

4 groups dedicated to the treatment of hair disorders

Our teams develop innovative technologies to improve hair diagnosis and offer effective, painless and fast treatments.

Our research laboratories develop products that provide personalised solutions for various hair disorders.

A specialist in hair loss, Equilibre set up the Academy of Capidermologie® to train future hair specialists, professionals in baldness or alopecia.

Individual Consultation.

Marcel Salvador Founder - Director General Formation, Research and development

Marcel Salvador, a world-renowned professional

Marcel Salvador has dedicated his professional life to hair. In 1971, he became the youngest professional in France in this field. He decided to continue his training along the lines of the ‘Compagnons du tour de France’ in Switzerland and Quebec.

In 1985, he opened his first hair centre and thus laid the foundation stone for the Equilibre adventure. He stands out for his philosophy and approach to hair loss and more generally the health of hair.

He considers the latter as a reflection of the state of the body’s health and therefore decided to complete his training with courses in naturopathy IHMN (Institute of Hygiene and Natural Medicine), Chinese medicine relating to energy, nutrition, herbal medicine, aromatherapy and physiognomy (study of the physiology of organs through facial observation). It is the grouping of these different skills that makes Equilibre, the specialist in hair loss in France, and also abroad.

Marcel Salvador continues to train the new generation of hair specialists (capidermologists) and to develop new techniques of care. He is regularly consulted by the media to speak as a hair expert.

The NEMO Centre, created by Marcel Salvador in 2006,
a complex dedicated to health, aesthetics and well-being

The New Esthetical and Medical Objective (NEMO) Centre combines the different aspirations of Marcel Salvador and Equilibre. It brings together various specialists in health, beauty and well-being to provide comprehensive care to people who come to consult doctors, dentists, psychotherapists, nurses, osteopaths, chiropodists, pedicurists, posturologists, speech therapists, orthoptists, hair specialists, nutritional therapists, physiotherapists, naturopaths, beauticians, coaches, image consultants, manual therapists, practitioners of Chinese and quantum medicine, energy therapists, psycho genealogists etc.

To further enrich and complete the experience offered to people visiting the NEMO complex, there is a balneotherapy centre and a restaurant area as well as training and conference spaces.