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The cl5 Helmet
luminodermie ® Helmet

Specially adapted to the needs of hairdressing salons, the CL5 helmet allows hairdressers to extend their range of services and meet the expectations of their customers suffering from hair disorders such as hair loss, dandruff, itching, etc.

Each session lasts 35 minutes and is completely painless.

Special attention has been paid to the design of this tool so that it blends in perfectly to the décor of the hair salon. Engineering and manufacturing are of French origin.

5 Care Programs

  • hair growth stimulation
  • hair loss
    androgen, post-partum (following childbirth), seasonal, traumatic…
  • pellicule
    itching, peeling
  • secretion
    dry scalp, greasy, excessive sebum, excessive transpiration…
  • sensitive scalp
    inflammation, redness, scaling, poisoned