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The CL28 Helmet
A luminodermie ® Helmet
for the medical profession

LUMINODERMIE® CL28 is specifically designed for the medical profession, it is a hands-free treatment station that is pre-programmed for 28 pathologies on 3 different types of hair density, plus an access to the expert program which allows the management of colour, wavelength, intensity and time.
The CL28 can accommodate various extensions with the same technologies for the treatment of the skin, face and body.

The number of sessions required varies per treatment. Each treatment lasts 35 minutes and is completely painless.

The elegant design of the LUMINODERMIE® CL28 helmet allows this innovative and high-performance material to fit seamlessly into the hair centre. Engineering and manufacturing are of French origin.

LUMINODERMIE® combines biophysical and biological factors : 161 SMD-type polychromatic light-emitting diodes (RGB) controlled in (pulsed) emission of wavelength and frequency, certified without UV; 11 lasers (LLLT type or cold laser) emitting coherent monochromatic light; 103 infrared monochrome diodes, continuous and non-coherent emissions; 11 magnetic tunnels creating a constant magnetic field, simulating the Earth’s magnetic field and acting as a particle accelerator. All these elements allow the therapeutic effects to potentiate.

28 care programs

  • hair loss
    androgen, receding hair line, scalp reduction, bald patches, telogen effluvium, alopecia
  • dermatoses
    greasy dandruff, dry dandruff, psoriasis, seborrhoeic dermatosis, dry eczema, fluid filled eczema
  • secretion
    greasy, wet, dry, seborrhoeic dermatitis, pore obstruction
  • scalp
    itchiness, inflammation
  • specific care
    post chemotherapy, transplant preparation, post transplant
  • hair
    alteration of hair shaft, white hair