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The cl22 Helmet
A luminodermie ® Helmet
for hair centres

LUMINODERMIE® The CL22 Luminodermie helmet is a complete tool that offers a wide range of care to hair specialists.

It allows hair professionals to customize solutions to each client suffering from a hair disorder.

The number of sessions required varies depending on the treatment. Each treatment lasts 35 minutes and is completely painless.

The elegant design of the CL22 LUMINODERMIE® helmet allows this innovative and powerful material to fit seamlessly into the hair centre. Engineering and manufacturing are of French origin.

LUMINODERMIE® combines biophysical and biological factors: 161 SMD-type polychromatic light-emitting diodes (RGB) with wavelength and frequency (pulsed) emission, certified without UV; 11 lasers (LLLT type or cold laser) emitting coherent monochromatic light; 103 infrared monochrome diodes, continuous and non-coherent emissions; 11 magnetic tunnels creating a constant magnetic field, simulating the Earth’s magnetic field and acting as a particle accelerator. All these elements allow the therapeutic effects to potentiate.

22 care programmes

  • hair loss
    androgen, receding hair line, scalp reduction, bald patches, telogen effluvium, alopecia
  • dermatoses
    greasy, wet, dry, seborrhoeic dermatitis, pore obstruction
  • secretion
    greasy, wet, dry, seborrhoeic dermatitis, pore obstruction
  • scalp
    itchiness, lifelessness, inflammation
  • specific care
    post chemotherapy, transplant preparation, post transplant
  • hair
    alteration of hair shaft, white hair