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Our exclusive concept makes it possible to provide a customised solution to hair disorders. It is based on a diagnosis of hair and scalp. Indeed, it is essential to know the condition of the hair and scalp to fight against alopecia and stimulate regrowth. It also allows us to diagnose other hair problems and correct them (dandruff, oily hair, itching …). Within the framework of EQUILIBRE TECHNOLOGIES, we have developed various tools to help hair professionals perform accurate hair diagnosis in the best possible conditions.

Hair diagnosis: innovative tools developed by Equilibre

Among the various technologies developed by our laboratory, several tools are dedicated to the diagnostic phase:

HAIRGONOM® is a workstation designed to facilitate the work of the hair expert. It carries out an examination of the hair and scalp with all the necessary tools at hand. The device saves a lot of time and also ensures work is done in optimal conditions.

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HAIRDIAGNOSTIC® is a software package developed by EQUILIBRE. It is an extremely useful and effective software in helping hair disorder diagnosis. Indeed, it allows to accurately define the origin of hair loss. Thanks to this tool, focus can be concentrated on finding the causes of hair loss and treatment rather than focusing on the consequences.

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For a perfectly adapted and personalised solution to the needs of each man and woman who loses their hair, the capillary diagnosis must be associated with a mineral analysis. This is what OLIGOSCOPY® allows. This software module integrates into the HAIRGONOM® and provides fundamental data in minutes without invasive examination.

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In order to meet the specific needs of hairdressers, hair centres and dermatologists, Equilibre has developed different LUMINODERMIE® helmets. This technology, based on the exposure of hair and scalp to low energy light, activates the cellular receptors responsible for the production of collagen and proteins as well as in mitosis (cell division).

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The importance of capillary diagnosis

We emphasize the importance of this first step in the fight against hair loss. An accurate capillary diagnosis will treat the causes of alopecia as well as directly address the origin of the problem. The solution will therefore be more efficient and will stimulate hair regrowth more effectively.

Our hair diagnostic tools are aimed at hair professionals who want to offer their clients personalized and suitable treatments and obtain the best results in the fight against hair loss.

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