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Once the diagnosis is made and the cause of hair loss identified, our tools, and in particular our HAIRDIAGNOSTIC® software package, will help practitioners establish a care program. Our laboratories have developed a full range of high quality hair products. These are cosmeceutical and nutriceutical products that will strengthen the hair fibre, and cleanse the scalp. Each treatment or supplement has a targeted action. Diligently manufactured to ensure components are harmless and provide effective treatments. For optimal results, it is advisable that doses and directions be followed as indicated.

Innovative and sustainable hair products

The hair products developed by our laboratories are composed of natural ingredients. The origins of the vegetable matter is of particular importance to us as we use organic produce where possible or whose mode of production is as close to organic as possible. Early on, we chose to exclude the controversial components MIT (methylisothiaolinone), MCI (methylchloroisothiaolinone), phenoxyethanol and parabens from the manufacturing of our hair products. These toxic molecules are not present in any of our products whether they come from our cosmeceutical or nutriceutical range.
Each of our hair products has been developed in partnership with qualified and experienced professionals from different backgrounds: scientists, doctors, pharmacists and naturopaths.
This has allowed us to propose ranges of treatments whose results are recognized by professionals in the field.

Care-range and supplements made of natural concentrated ingredients

Our hair products are divided into two ranges: cosmeceuticals and nutriceuticals. Although they are made up of highly concentrated natural ingredients, they are not medical or pharmaceutical drugs. They are treatments and/or supplements that are the product of many years of research. Their highly technical formulas make it possible to obtain convincing results on targeted actions: curbing hair loss, stimulating regrowth, reduce flaking, reducing sebum production, etc.

Our cosmeceutical products are offered in the form of shampoos, masks, oils, lotions, balms and solutions. They have all been scientifically validated after conclusive clinical studies. They make it possible to treat hair and the scalp in order to optimize the results obtained thanks to the technological devices used in the fight against hair loss, such as Luminodermie.
Our products can also be used daily to maintain hair and keep it healthy and shiny. Products can be chosen depending on hair type (dry, greasy, fine, brittle, etc.).

Our nutriceutical range has nutritional supplements that have a targeted action. Some are specially designed to work on the scalp and hair. Others are part of a more holistic approach that aims to heal the body, therefore healing the hair. Indeed, we assume that healthy hair can develop only if the whole body is in good shape.
These nutritional supplements must be used as a remedy.